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[N64][UonP] STAR WARS Shadows of the Empire - Ord Mantell Junkyard (Jedi - all CPs - no deaths)
[N64] Diddy Kong Racing - TT Greenwood Village Bumper [UonP]
E3 1996 "N64 SIZZLE" ("Technocut A" by John Epping)  +++ PLEASE, READ DESCRIPTION +++
[N64][UonP] BLAST CORPS - Echo Marches - introduction + replay
Anime Ganbare Goemon - Terebin defeat scene.
strange noises from flyback in failed CRT
[N64][UonP] WinBack - Engineer drama scene
[N64][UonP] Diddy Kong Racing - Widmill Plains (TT) - Bumper
[N64] Mario Kart 64 - Special Cup 150cc GOLD Wario [UonP]
[N64][UonP] BLAST CORPS - Glory Crossing
[N64][UonP] Ironstone Mine - replay
[N64] Mario Kart 64 - Credits [UonP]
[N64][UonP] Diddy Kong Racing - 1st ending
[N64][UonP] BLAST CORPS - Promotion "Total Pulveriser"
[N64][UonP] ReVolt (trained) - museum geometry glitch
[N64][UonP] Diddy Kong Racing - Good ending
VHS "Objetivo: N64" drama scenes - subtitled

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