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Sword Art Online IN 5 MINUTES | Anime in Minutes
Tokyo Ghoul IN 5 MINUTES
No Game No Life IN 7 MINUTES
Attack on Titan IN 9 MINUTES
If Anime Studios Were People
Rail Whores [Rail Wars One Shot]
Life Cycle of an Anime Fan
US Election Results: Anime Edition
The Top Anime Guide to YANDERE
A New Level Of Trash - Eromanga Sensei
If Anime Descriptions Were Accurate
Why I quit my job to make Anime Videos
Anime Conventions: An Honest Guide
Anime Awards 2016 in a Nutshell
Best PodTaku Moment EVER! [PodTaku Highlights #3]
OTAKU: Everything You Need To Know
EvAbridged 1.0 This is (not) a Parody
AMV - What If the Storm Ends (Code Geass, Evangelion, Rahxephon, Gankutsuou)
Animation in Anime
Neo Yokio: The Final Form of Anime
AZ: RWBY First Impression
The Greatest Thing Anime Has Done
Why SHELTER is Pretty Fantastic
AMV - Reflections of Despair (Evangelion/Rahxephon/Paranoia Agent)
Why Naruto DOES have some of the Best Fights in Anime
How Good is: Devilman Crybaby?
Anime Zone: Highschool of the Dead Anime Review
AZ Reaction: Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club Episode 1
How to Procrastinate [Loot Anime]
Why I Enjoyed Attack On Titan S2 More
Winter Anime 2018 in a Nutshell
Death Note Teaser Super Serious Breakdown
Anime Zone: Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Anime Review
Anime Zone: Fate/Zero Anime Review
Summer 2017 Anime in a Nutshell
Your Waifu Doesn't Love You
The Perfect Anime
How to Fix Shonen Anime's Biggest Problem
Anime Zone: School Days Anime Review
You'll Grow Out Of Anime...Eventually
Anime Zone: Bakemonogatari & Nisemonogatari Anime Review
Black Clover: The New Problem Child of Shounen
The Ancient Magus Bride: The Magic of Fantasy Worlds
How SAO: ORDINAL SCALE could've been GREAT! [Spoiler Discussion]
Anime in 2017 | Part 1
Fall 2017 Anime in a Nutshell
AZ: Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) First Impression

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