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The Little Mermaid (NES) Speedrun in 6:47.53 (World Record)
Bookworm Adventures (PC) (Arena) Speedrun in 7:28 IGT
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom (NES) (Any%) Speedrun in 10:15.35
Contra: Hard Corps (GEN) (Chase/Fight Path w/ Browny) Speedrun in 17:20
The Simpsons: Road Rage (GBA) (All Missions) Speedrun in 13:07
Bookworm Adventures (PC) (Adventure) Speedrun in 1:38:56 [Obsolete: See description]
Animaniacs (SNES) (Any%) Speedrun in 26:25
Blaster Master / Metafight [超惑星戦記メタファイト] (NES/FC, NTSC-U) Any% speedrun in 32:50 [Obsolete]
Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing (GBA) Mountain Pass in 2:35.62 (World Record)
Donkey Kong Jr. Math (NES) (Game A) Speedrun in 1:32 (World Record)
Smart Ball (SNES) (Any%) Speedrun in 18:09
Ring King (NES) Playthrough [Part 1/3]
Shaq Fu (SNES) (Story Mode Easy) Speedrun in 8:51
Elmo in Grouchland (GBC) (Hard) Speedrun in 3:00.3
Bookworm Adventures: Volume 2 (PC) Arena Speedrun in 12:01 IGT
The Hot Dog Song
Magical Quest 3 (SNES-J) (Easy w/ Mickey) Speedrun in 28:06
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire  - 2nd Edition (GBC) (Any%) Speedrun in 3:53
The Berenstain Bears and the Spooky Old Tree (GBA) (Any%) Speedrun in 38:11
The Lion King: Simba's Mighty Adventure (GBC) Playthrough
GT Advance 3 (GBA) Flash Speed in 3:37.46 (World Record)
Family Feud (SNES) Playthrough
Skate or Die (NES) Playthrough
Slamaranth (Quad City DJ's vs Nightwish)
Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing (GBA) Haunted Woods Reverse in 1:52.15 (World Record)
Contra: Hard Corps (GEN) (Lab/Surrender) Speedrun in 18:07
Super Jeopardy! (NES) (Vs. CPU) Speedrun in 1:13:40 (World Record)
Ring King (NES) Playthrough [Part 3/3]
Barbie Ocean Discovery (GBC) (Any%) Speedrun in 8:20
Shrek: Hassle at the Castle (GBA) Easy in 34:10
New Ghostbusters 2 (NES-J) (Any%) Speedrun in 25:44
Cars (GBA) Piston Cup 3 in 1:56.8
Family Dog (SNES) (Any%) Speedrun in 9:09
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (GBA) Playthrough in 3:30
Might and Magic Book One: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum (NES) Playthrough
Jeopardy! (NES) (Hard vs. CPU) Speedrun in 16:59 (World Record)
Xenophobe (NES) Playthrough
John Elway's Quarterback (NES) Playthrough
Sesame Street Countdown (NES) "Warpless Hop" TAS in 8:33.64
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (SNES) (Any%) Speedrun in 20:24
Cars (GBA) Piston Cup 1 in 1:55.8
Othello (NES) TAS in 00:26.36
Star Voyager (NES) Playthrough
Spy Muppets: License to Croak (GBA) Hard Playthrough
Deadly Towers (NES) Glitch // Prince Myer Gets Bifurcated
The Great Waldo Search (NES) (Normal) Speedrun in 0:41.2
American Idol (GBA) Any% Speedrun in 10:53
Elmo's ABCs (GBC) (Any%) Speedrun in 21:26 (World Record)
Zoboomafoo: Playtime in Zobooland (GBC) The Easiest Playthrough
Shrek: Hassle at the Castle (GBA) Advanced Playthrough in 50:59

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