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The Snorks - closing credits (FULL)
Punky Brewster cartoon closing #3
Sesame Street - End Credits 1993
Bill Nye the Science Guy Opening Funding Credits (1997)
Widget The World Watcher, later season theme (FULL)
Sailor Moon Closing Credits dub (Episode 12)
"There's Nothing Like A Glass Of Milk" Barney from 1992
PBS underwriting credits: The Price of the Ticket (1990)
BBC Video Presents (1985)
Reading Rainbow Closing Funding Credits (1992)
The Littles end credits with DIC Kid in Bed
Jeopardy! Online (1998)/KingWorld (1989)/CTTV (1996)
Barbour-Langley (1989)/FTSP (1989)/20th Television (1982)
KingWorld, Harpo closing logos (1999)
Sailor Moon Dubbed Closing (Episode 13)
Reading Rainbow Funding Credits (1992)
Sailor Moon Dubbed Closing (Episode 15)
R.R. Opening Funding
Merv Griffin Enterprises (1993)/KingWorld (1989)
Merv Griffin Enterprises (1992)/KingWorld (1989)
R.R. Opening Funding
Earthquake in Los Angeles 1994
Martin Luther King's Speech
Wheel of Fortune Online (1998)/KingWorld (1989)/CTTV (1996)
Classic Sesame Street: Pinball Count #9
KingWorld closing logo (1998)
Coca Cola Tomorrow's People advert (1990)
CBS Ident (1992)
John F. Kennedy Assassination 1963
Toonami's 1/2 of Sailor Moon Promo (2001)
Sonic Smash Cheat (short)
Mahatma Gandhi - Late '40s
Sailor Moon Closing (Episode 14)
News in 1994
KingWorld closing logo (1964)

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