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Butch's Name Issue
Wizards Of Waverly Place Series 1: Spell Castings And More
Puyo Puyo Fever - Mario vs Dark Mario
Castlevania Chronicles - All Bosses (Hard) (No Damage, Subweapons, and Upgrades)
Phantasy Star IV - The Macro List
Dark Koopa sings Fruit Salad in School and gets Grounded
Angry Video Game Nerd - Beginner's Trap (Super Pitfall)
Angry Video Game Nerd - John Madden Football
Stars Disney - You're Watching Disney Channel
LotR: The Third Age - Evil Mode - Balrog
Final Fantasy 2 (PSP) Phrekyos and Deumion HD
NBC Peacock Sneezes
Scariest Barney Error Part 1 (Most Viewed GoAnimate Video)
Soul Blazer All Bosses (No Damage & Magic) except Final Boss (No Damage & With Magic)
Final Fantasy XII ~ All White Magicks
Streets of Rage 2 - Skate - Mania No Damage Run
Lava Bro Fails Cooking Class and Gets Grounded
Pokémon Black & White - All move animations with SOUND EFFECTS ONLY!
Mudkip Says No
Sonic Drowning Music Speds Up and Pitched Higher Every 8 Beats
Car Bro acts like uolliaC and gets Grounded
Angry Video Game Nerd: "What were they thinking!?" Reel
Cheez It Zingz Commercial
Angry Video Game Nerd - Asshole (Hole Replaced with Bleep) on TV
Eirika vs Lyn
NES Game Over Screens, Part 2
Althea Andrea gets the Worst Scariest Barney Punishment Ever/ Grounded
Black Bear Grounds Dunkin Donuts and Gets Grounded
Pokemon Diamond & Pearl Anime - Super Razor Leaf
Fire Emblem: Path of Retardation Part 5 (Pokemon Edition)
Angry Video Game Nerd - Shit Breaks Open the Window
Tap-Tap makes a Bootleg DVD of Shaun the Sheep and gets Grounded
NES and Famicom Game Over Screens
Dark Bowser Error!!! WARNING!!! SCARIEST EVER!!!
Super Mario Bros Deluxe Challenge 100% TAS
Angry Video Game Nerd's Friday the 13th Game Over Screen
Disney Channel USA: Wizards of Waverly Place Bumpers
Wordtris SNES Full Gameplay
Claudia Grounds Dark Bowser and Gets Ungrounded
Bandinero makes a Commercial about Mario Party 11 and gets Grounded
Mario Party 4 Miss and Draw Movies (Nintendo Gamecube)
Evil Toad's Parents catches Latios and Latias
Mario vs   Pizza
Evil Toad gets grounded on Thanksgiving
Let's Glitch Super Mario Bros 2
Evil Toad turns my Mom into Monstar and goes to GameStop to buy Captain Toad for Wii U/ Grounded
Evil Toad gets grounded on Halloween
Sims Castaway Stories  Create a Sim #1
Cooper lost the Final Fantasy Match against Melinda/ Death
Daniel Tiger calls Barney Stupid and gets Grounded featuring Cooper's Sister Mia

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