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The Only Man Kasparov Ever Feared - This is Ivanchuk's Immortal
The Immortal Pawns Game - 17 Consecutive Pawn Moves by White
The Greatest Queen Sacrifice in Chess History
White Sacrifices ALL of his Pieces! The Immortal Sacrifice Game
Bobby Fischer's Amazing Game of the Century
Most Beautiful Chess Game Ever Played - "The Evergreen Game"
Everybody Loves Raymond, he Sacs the Queen on move 5!
Bobby Fischer Helpless against the Magician from Riga
If you Beat Magnus Carlsen, Do it With Style like Bu in World Cup!
Kasparov's Ultimate Immortal Game - Caissa was kind to me that day...
Paul Morphy crushes Two opponents while watching the Opera!
"The Immortal Zugzwang Game" - Nimzowitsch's Greatest Masterpiece
I Will Have My Revenge! | Bobby Fischer's First Win Against Mikhail Tal
Tal Creates Absolute Madness on the Board!
Deep Mind Alpha Zero's "Immortal Zugzwang Game" against Stockfish
Nakamura's Immortal Queen!
The Original Immortal Game
Ron Weasley Sacrifices Himself for the Team
Google Deep Mind Alpha Zero Sacs a Piece Without "Thinking" Twice
Every World Champion's Worst Nightmare - Carlsen faces Ivanchuk!
Alexander Alekhine and 5 Queens - The Harem
The Berlin Immortal | Aronian vs Big Vlad | Candidates Tournament 2018.
Mikhail Tal Pulls a Rabbit out of the Hat vs Anatoly Karpov | Thank You for 5000 Subs!
Bobby Fischer's Amazing 17 moves Victory in the Evans Gambit
Bobby Fischer's Positional Masterpiece against Tigran Petrosian
You won't Believe This, But Tal is UP A PIECE!
Beat your Opponent without Capturing his Pieces!
"e=Nc4" - Einstein Crushes Oppenheimer
Mikhail Tal Slays The Sicilian Dragon (18 move miniature!)
Alekhine's King Traps the Queen!
Deep Mind AI Alpha Zero Sacrifices a Pawn and Cripples Stockfish for the Entire Game
Bronstein Spent 58 Minutes on his 9th Move - Know this Game!
Mikhail Tal the Great, Mates in Eight! (12 years old)
Crush a Grandmaster With The "Evil" Icelandic Gambit!
Vassily, Your King is on d4!
Never Play h3 against Mikhail Tal
The Tiger is Hungry | Anand Takes Down Carlsen! | WRC | Round 9
Kasparov Sacrifices his Queen on move 12!
Fischer Challenges Spassky for the Title! Game 6
Just a Nezhmetdinov Game to Brighten Your Day :)
"Tales from the Crypt" - One of The Coolest Games I've Ever Seen
Highest Rated Man vs Highest Rated Woman | Carlsen faces Yifan | Tata Steel 2018. Round 7
Anand spends 1:43 mins on 4th Move in Blitz and Wins!
agadmator's Immortal vs Magnus Carlsen (The App) - Age 11
Bobby Fischer plays 1.b4!
Ding Liren is a Beast! "The Chinese Immortal"
I Dare You to Sacrifice the Queen, Mr. Tal! 20k Subscribers Giveaway :)
Bobby Fischer Annihilates Bent Larsen 6-0
Anand Should Get A Brilliancy Prize for His Game against Leko | World Rapid Championship | Round 3
The Tal Recipe - Complicate, and They Will Blunder

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