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Rita MacNeil -The Season Will Never Grow Old
Berserk (ARCADE)
Rita Mcneil - Rest in Peace - Working Man
King of Boxer (ARCADE) Enrgy
Jr. Pacman (ARCADE)
Arch Rivals (ARCADE)
Tekken 3 (PLAYSTATION) Theatre Mode
Xenophobe (ARCADE)
Renegade (ARCADE) All Stages and Legit
Gang Wars (ARCADE)
Rita Macneil -Now the Bells Ring - Christmas Song
Mappy (ARCADE)
Journey (ARCADE)
Fighting Layer (ARCADE)
Dragons Lair 20th Anniversity Edition (PC) Scenes and Deaths
Timber (ARCADE)
I'm Sorry (ARCADE)
Time Gal (ARCADE)
Road Runner (ARCADE) Inv
Vay (SEGA CD) Part 1
Xain'd Sleena/ Solar warrior (ARCADE)
Castlevania Dracula X (PSP) Unlocking A Game In A Game With Commentary
Return of the Jedi (ARCADE)
Typhoon Girl (ARCADE)
Final Round (ARCADE) Health
Shining in the Darkness (SEGA GENESIS) Part 11 FINALE
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (NINTENDO GAMECUBE) Part 1
Doki! Doki! Yuuenchi (NINTENDO) Complete
VS Wrecking Crew (ARCADE)
Batman (ARCADE)
TimeGal (SEGA CD) Many Death of TimeGal
Captain America and the Avengers(SEGA GENESIS)
Phantasy Star Universe (PLAYSTATION 2) Part 1
Sly Spy (ARCADE)
X-men Mutant Academy (PLAYSTATION) Unlockable
Karate Champ (ARCADE) Points
Contra Rebirth (NINTENDO WII) Inv as Robo Girl
GunBird 2 (SEGA DREAMCAST) Play as Morrigan from Darkstalkers
Track and Field (GAMEBOY)
Top Ranking Stars (ARCADE) Inv
Ufo Robo Dangar (ARCADE) Inv
Mappy (X68000)
Solitary Fighter (ARCADE)
Bloody Roar 4 (PLAYSTATION 2) Nagi  Health
Shining Force (SEGA GENESIS) Part 1
Pengo (ARCADE)
Avenging Spirit (ARCADE) Inv
Clutch Hitter (ARCADE)

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