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Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Original 2009 Soul Train Mix)
Bad Habit
Daddy Cool
Papa Was A Rolling Stone (Original Concert Mix)
A Short Wrap
A Crazy Ride
Good To Me
Fefe 2010
For The Love of House & Dance
Make You Move It!
It's Alright!
Musik & Lites
Let The Fever Play (Goodbye To Robin Mix)
Higher Hog
Lift Your Leg Up (At The Woodside Vemix)
The Dynamite
L'Escuela Tropical (World Cup Comfort Mix)
I Shot The Sheriff (Latin Boogie Style)
Dr Ray
Mambo del Fuego (live version)
Work it Out (Jungle Vemix)
Ayeration 2012
B&C (2014 Vemix)
I Know You Got Soul (Keeping The Peace Mix)
The Shoestring Train (Cocoa Vemix)
Do It (2018 Fake Train Vemix)
Bongo Can't Stop
Supermixer (Hunter House Celebration Vemix)
Digital Dumsel (L'Enfer Vemix No. 2)
Jive Mamba
Where Your Balls Are
I Like It!
City Bossa Cha Cha (Feel Good Mix)
Up Front
Keep Believing in Love (2016 Lovetrain Vemix)
Get Me There
Satisfy Yourself (Improved Recipe Mix)
Loop of Love
Marvin in Jamaica
Disco Queen
Mas Que Nada (Olympic Capoeira Vemix)
New Monday
Comin' Home (To The Jazz Dance)
How We Succeed (Rhythm Business Mix)
Brown Man (Soul Train Vemix)
Masque Nadia
Call Me Baby (Re.Beat)

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