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Selena Gomez & Kevin Hart Play 'First Last Best Worst: Instagram Edition'
The Kardashian Family on Cringe-Worthy Moments in Their Show & More! | THR Fishing for Answers
Tonya Harding & Margot Robbie: 'I, Tonya' & a Love of Skating | THR
Drake on Acting, Music, His Mom, & "Triumphant Moments" | THR
'Stranger Things' Creators The Duffer Brothers Play 'How Well Do You Know Your Brother?' | THR
Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown & More 'This is Us' Cast Play 'How Well Do You Know?' | THR
Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, Don & Dakota Johnson: A Dynasty of Actors | THR
'The Sandlot' Reunion 25 Years Later: Sandlot Revival, "You Play Ball Like a Girl" & More! | THR
Sophie Turner on Graduating from HBO's 'Game of Thrones' | THR
Khal Drogo (But Really Jason Momoa) Plays 'First, Best, Last, Worst' | THR
Denzel Washington on 'Fences': "We Had Performed it 114 Times to Great Success" | Close Up With THR
Rachel McAdams Plays 'How Well Do You Know?' with Sister Kayleen McAdams | THR Beauty Issue2016
Bill Hader & Fred Armisen Obama Impression on Visiting Los Angeles
Armie Hammer: Being a "Super Dad" & Who He Wants to Work With Most | THR
Celebs React to 'The Princess Bride' 30th Anniversary - Jake Gyllenhaal, Rachel McAdams & More!
Rachel Weisz & Rachel McAdams on "Forbidden Love Story" in 'Disobedience' | TIFF 2017
Guillermo del Toro, Octavia Spencer, Sally Hawkins, Michael Shannon 'The Shape of Water' | TIFF 2017
Comedy Issue Roundtable: Anthony Jeselnik on Apologizing for a Joke
James Franco on Tommy Wiseau & The "Magic" of 'The Room' | Close Up With THR
Saoirse Ronan on Harassment, "Need to Know There's Support Here No Matter What" | Close Up With THR
Jordan Peele, 'Get Out' Was "Meant to be a More Direct, Brutal Wake-Up" | Close Up With THR
Seth Rogen Explains James Franco's Kinship With 'The Room' Director Tommy Wiseau | Close Up With THR
James Franco & Alison Brie "Making Best Worst Movie Ever Made" in 'The Disaster Artist' | TIFF 2017
Mel Gibson, 'Hacksaw Ridge': "I Like Telling Stories Where No One Says Anything" | Close Up With THR
On Set of 'The Middle' ft. Eden Sher & Charlie McDermott | THR Sets
'Loving' Co-Stars Ruth Negga & Joel Edgerton Play 'First, Best, Last, Worst' | THR
Armie Hammer on 'Call Me By Your Name': "Everything Just Felt so Safe On This" | Close Up With THR
Celine Dion & Zendaya: Breakfast & Audrey Hepburn with Stylist Law Roach | THR Fishing For Answers
Jim Carrey Gets Weird: Andy Kaufman Parallels & Making 'Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond' | TIFF 2017
Lupita Nyong'o Talks 'Black Panther' Stunts, Michael B. Jordan, "Cooglerisms" & More! | THR
Colin Farrell & Nicole Kidman on The Difficult Themes in 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer' | TIFF 2017
MTV's Awkward Plays 'Guess That TV Love Triangle'
SNL Writers Share Their Process: SNL 40th Anniversary
Comedy Issue Roundtable: Kristen Schaal's Worst Stand-Up Moments
Armie Hammer, Timothée Chalamet & Michael Stuhlbarg Discuss 'Call Me By Your Name' | Sundance 2017
Amy Adams: 'Arrival' "Is a Mom Telling the Story of Her Life" | Close Up With THR
Robert Clary: Hollywood’s Last Survivors
On the Set of 'The Handmaid's Tale' With Yvonne Strahovski a.k.a. Serena Joy | THR
Andy Samberg & Molly Shannon Share How They Got Their Start on ‘SNL’
'Hell or High Water' Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan: "I'm Allergic to Exposition" | Close Up With THR
Allison Janney: Harassment in Hollywood, "Was Always Aware of The Casting Couch" | Close Up With THR
Emma Stone & Steve Carell: 'Battle of the Sexes' About Love, Social Change, & Discovery | TIFF 2017
Little People, Big Woes in Hollywood: Warwick Davis, Tony Cox, Verne Troyer, Terra Jole, & Deep Roy
Tommy Wiseau & Greg Sestero: 'The Room' 18 Years Later & James Franco at Golden Globes 2018 | THR
Sam Neill on Shooting 'Wilderpeople': "If You Think 'The Revenant' Was Tough Going..."
HBO's 'Girls' Cast Play 'First, Best, Last, Worst': Lena Dunham, Zosia Mamet & More! | THR
Natalie Portman: Jackie Kennedy Was "Encyclopedic in Her Knowledge" | Close Up With THR
Reese Witherspoon on 'Big Little Lies': "We Aren't Just the Wives & Girlfriends" | Close Up With THR
SAG Awards 2017: 'First, Best, Last, Worst' ft. James Marsden, Claire Foy, Jay Duplass & More! | THR
Amy Poehler, Julie Bowen and Teri Hatcher Talk Big Breaks

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