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Xain'd Sleena/ Solar warrior (ARCADE)
Namco Museum Battle (PSP) Pacman Arrangement
Road Runner (ARCADE) Inv
Sesame Street Fun With Numbers (3DO)
Dino Rex (ARCADE) inv
Rally X (ARCADE)
Area 51 (ARCADE)
Board Games Gallery (PLAYSTATION 2) Snakes and Ladders
Gang Wars (ARCADE)
Big Fight (ARCADE)
Return of the Jedi (ARCADE)
Superior Soldiers (ARCADE) Played as Arabian Woman
Tekken 3 (PLAYSTATION) Theatre Mode
Captain America and the Avengers(SEGA GENESIS)
Monster Rancher 3 (PLAYSTATION 2)
Last Battle (SEGA GENESIS) Inv
Renegade (ARCADE) Inv
Mutant Fighter (ARCADE)
Monster Rancher 4 (PLAYSTATION 2)
Contra Shattered Soldier (PLAYSTATION 2) Inv Part 1
Phantasy Star Universe (PLAYSTATION 2) Part 1
Dragon Warrior 7 (PLAYSTATION) Part 1 The Fisherman's Son.
Contra Shattered Soldier (PLAYSTATION 2)Inv True Ending
Contra: Legacy of War (PLAYSTATION) Inv
Contra Shattered Soldier (PLAYSTATION 2) Inv Part 2
Jr. Pacman (ARCADE)
Crisis Beat (PLAYSTATION) Part 1
Wheel of Fortune (NINTENDO_DS) DS? Like WTF?,lol
Wonder Boy in Monster World 4/IV (SEGA GENESIS) Part 1
Twinbee (ARCADE)
X Men Mutant Academy (PLAYSTATION) Inv as Wolveriene
Saturday Night Slam Masters (ARCADE)
Wheel of Fortune (SEGA CD)
Monster Maulers (ARCADE)
Blandia (ARCADE) Played as Irreana
Wonder Momo (ARCADE)
Raiden Fighters (ARCADE)
Ring Of Destruction/ Saturday Night SlamMasters 2 (ARCADE)
Rumble Roses PLAYSTATION 2) Reiko
Mappy (ARCADE)
Salamander (ARCADE)
Gunsmoke (ARCADE) inv
Gradius 5 (PLAYSTATION 2) Invincibility
NInja Kid 2 (ARCADE)
Wheel Of Fortune (PLAYSTATION)
Rita Mcneil Rest in Peace Working Man
Survival Arts (ARCADE)
Wheel of Fortune 2nd Edition (PLAYSTATION)

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