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1996-09-29 ITV News reporting on Nintendo 64 release
The Murmurs - Love Your Truth (HiFi 1:30) [Fox Kids PSA]
1990-02-24 (week of) CBC's "Anne Murray in Walt Disney World": live-action TMNT
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie - 35mm Trailer (1080p open matte)
1993-12-10 NBC network promo compilation
1991-09-29 ABC KOMO-TV promo compilation
1993 YTV commercial break compilation
1994-02 McDonald's Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Happy Meal toys commercial
Beasties / Beast Wars "Code of Hero" textless comparison
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - Ninja Quest - Bulk & Skull segment 1
1994-12-04 ABC network promos + White Castle commercial
PRZ #01 & #02 'A Zeo Beginning, Parts I-II' - DVD & Netflix differences
Fox Kids 1999-08-14 Digimon S01E01 And so it begins...
Comparison of HDTV vs analog at Zenith headquarters (2002)
1991 Sonic the Hedgehog 'The hot new game from Genesis games' commercial
1997-11 Free Preview promos for new Tier III cable channels
1992-1993 New Year's YTV commercials
PRTF #23 'Full Exposure' - original vs VHS vs Netflix
1995-01-17 Fox network promos
CBC Marketplace - Toy scalpers (1996-11-26)
PRTF #15 'Clash for Control, Part 1' - 5 sources comparison
1998-11 YTV commercials
Power Rangers Mystic Force - "Dark Wish" bumpers
PRTF #04 'Ransik Lives' - original vs Netflix vs Jetix UK vs German DVD
Street Cents - Battle of the Brands (1997-Jun)
Mad Scientist Toon Club (aka Mad Scientist Kids Club) - clip of episode 4 "Water"
1999 YTV Boy Meets World promo
1998-05-07 ABC network promos
Toy commercial: Red Dragon & Thunderzord Assault Team (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
1991 KVOS-TV commercials (Bucky O'Hare & Saturday Morning Special block)
MMPR Sneak Preview host segments, voiceovers, ads (incomplete, 1993-09-04, Fox Kids)
1997-02-07 TGIF Clueless - last commercial break
PRTF #30 'Destiny Defeated' - original vs VHS vs Netflix vs Jetix UK vs German DVD
The Wonder Years 1988-01-31 original pilot's end scene
KVOS-TV 1991 (circa December) commercials
Family Sign-On (2011-08-09 @ 04:30 ET/PT)
1998-Feb YTV "ReBoot III" first arc rerun promo with Fax Modem narration
1991-05-06 CBS Northern Exposure commercials (KIRO-TV)
Bucky O'Hare bumper, end credits, KVOS-TV weather and commercials
1991-05-09 CBS Knot's Landing commercials + News (KIRO-TV)
Macrovision brightness/contrast effect on Easycap (STK1160)
MMPR S2 #10 'Welcome to Venus Island' - DVD & Netflix missing lines
MMPR/PRZ/PRT music video - "My Heroes" by The Deefons
1994 Star Wars Transforming Action Sets commercial (Micro Machines Space) (30 sec version)
PRTF #18 'Trust and Triumph' - original vs Netflix vs Jetix UK vs German DVD
1999 CBC Marketplace - credit repair agencies, adult diapers, winter tires
PRTF #03 'Something To Fight For' - 5 sources comparison
PRTF #38 'The End of Time, Pt. 1' - 5 sources + ABC Family comparison
PRTF #12 'Uniquely Trip' - original vs Netflix vs Jetix UK vs German DVD
Miracle Channel digital transition PSA (2011-05-27)

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