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EXO - Universe LEGENDADO PT/BR (Color Coded)
EXO - Lights Out LEGENDADO PT/BR (Color Coded)
Seventeen - Thanks LEGENDADO PT/BR (Color Coded)
Músicas Brasileiras que definem o EXO (Funk Ver.)
SuHo x Jane Jung - Dinner LEGENDADO PT/BR (Color Coded)
EXO - Open Arms LEGENDADO PT (Color Coded: ENG/PT-BR)
Músicas que Definem os membros do Seventeen (Funk Ver.)
Dear My Family (Live Concert Ver.) LEGENDADO/PT (Color Coded)
How Would EXO Sing - TWICE "Like Ooh Aah"
TWICE - Likey (Part Changed Ver.) LEGENDADO/PT (Color Coded)
Chanyeol & D.O - Love Yourself LEGENDADO PT (Color Coded ENG/PT)
SuHo x Jane Jung - Do You Have a Moment? (Color Coded LEGENDADO PT/BR)
EXO - Unfair (OT8 Ver.) [LEGENDADO PT-BR] (Color Coded)
Músicas Brasileiras que definem os membros do EXO (Funk Ver.) PART 2
How Would EXO Sing - Call Me Daddy
EXO - Ko Ko Bop LEGENDADO PT (Color Coded HAN/PT)
How Would EXO Singing - Mansae (Seventeen)
How Would Seventeen Sing - Oh! (Girl's Generation)
How Would EXO Sing - TWICE Heart Shaker
Chen - Tears (Cover) LEGENDADO PT/BR (Color Coded)
How Would EXO Sing -  Red Velvet Peek A Boo
How Would EXO & RED VELVET Sing - TroubleMaker Now
Park Chanyeol - All Of Me LEGENDADO PT (Cover) (Color Coded - ENG/PT-BR)
Creep - Park ChanYeol (Cover) (English/PT LEGENDADO)
EXO - Heaven LEGENDADO PT (Color Coded HAN/PT)
EXO - On The Snow LEGENDADO PT/BR (Color Coded)
Moonlight - EXO-K LEGENDADO PR/BR (Color Coded)
Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry LEGENDADO PT/BR (Color Coded.)
EXO - Power LEGENDADO PT (Color Coded | Rom/PT)

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"Jornal da BandNews FM - 18/01/2018" [STATION] SMTOWN 'Dear My Family (Live Concert Ver.)' @eSports Pro Br 1996 n64 1997 n64 wheel of fortune 1998 wheel of fortune 1998 wheel of fortune ps1 2 Enero 2018 2017 in 7 2018 spring outfits