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Runaway Car in Circles
CB Radios  2
Maori taiaha demonstration
Soldier Returns
Harry Truman & Mount St Helens
Airplane Crash Landing PDX
CB Radios  1
Mel Blanc   Lincoln High
Silver Coin Scam
Mount St. Helens eruption documentary
Bill Close bloopers - KOOL Ch 10 Phoenix
Stereo Speakers Scam
Tornado - Salt Lake City
Tackle goal post
Osmonds News Conference & Concert
KOOL   Salt River Bridge
Mel Blank
Mr Microphone
Gary Gilmore
Randy is "chief" of visiting tribe at Maori village
BYU Football news film circa 1976 Marc Wilson
Mount St. Helens Eruption - Good Morning America
Bennie Bushnell murder scene   Gary Gilmore Arraignment
Gunsmoke - not the way your mother remembers it
KOOL Unleaded Gasoline
The NBC peacock
Auto Dealer Odometer Tampering
Garage Door Danger
Disaster Drill
Wagon Train
Wheel of Fortune
BYU Football Miracle Finishes
Snow Treads Commercial Bloopers
Birdie Jo Hoax
Firewood Rip offs 3
Firewood Rip offs 2
Reno Travel Scam
Palo Verde Nuclear Plant
Expo 86   3
Phoenix Tornado
BYU Footbal Video
Pumper Scooter   Mike Jones
Vanity Press   Bosleys
Sal Quijada News Tease
Rack & Roll Demo
Shovel in the face
KOOL   Salt River Flood
KOOL   Palo Verde Nuke
Flamable Clothing

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