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Say When!! clip (Peter Pan blooper), 1964
Big Kmart ad, 1997
CBS daytime promo, 1968
$ale of the Century clip (Rani goes for $50K), 1988
Card Sharks clip (Norma shoots the max!), 11/1/78
Face the Music clip (Marilyn vs. Al), 1/15/80
$ale of the Century clip (Barbara goes for the lot), 1983
Family Feud close (Richard's large family), 1980
WCBS "It's 2!" promo, 1988
KYW legal notice, 1977
WNBC News 4 New York promo, 1980
The Fanelli Boys intro, 1991
Face the Music clip (a familiar subject!), 1980
Face the Music clip (Debra vs. Jo Ann), 1980
What's My Line? close, 1974
Face the Music clip (embarrassing!), 1980
WSAZ EBS test, 1990
The Joker's Wild close, 1978
Face the Music clip (a rarity!), 1980
Worthington Ford ad, 1978
The $100,000 Pyramid clip (a new record!), 2/18/91
Securecare ad w/Lorne Greene, 1984
Chain Reaction clip (a new record!), 2/13/80
WNBC EAS monthly test & time-temperature, 4/5/17
KSFY Jeopardy! & Wheel of Fortune promos, 1994
Knit-Wit ad, 1989
The Judge intro, 1987
WOR News at Noon close, 7/1/83
KRON TGI4 clip (Behind the scenes at Wheel of Fortune), 1985
Pitfall clip (Double play!), 1982
Chain Reaction close, 3/13/80
WOR News 9 Prime Time close & Editorial Reply intro, 1985
WABC EAS monthly test, 1/4/17
CBS This Morning clip (Bob Goen & Vanna White interview), 7/17/89
WEWS Ohio Lottery drawing, 7/10/99
CBS Newsbreak-Timex ad-network ID, 11/3/83
Love of Life intro, 1979
Maxwell House ad w/Margaret Hamilton, 1972
American Lung Association PSA, 1968
Teaching PSA, 1988
WFLD EBS test, 1984
Face the Music clip (Michael vs. Candice), 1980
Wal-Mart ad, 1987
Murphy's Oil Soap ad #1, 1983
WNBC NewsCenter 4 update, 3/24/80
Pine-Sol ad w/Tahj Mowry, 1994
Face the Music clip (Lisa sings!), 1980
WOWT "The Place to Be" promo, 1990
Talking Mickey Mouse ad, 1987
WPIX Action News clip, 11/10/78

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