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The Temptations - Papa Was A Rolling Stone
Syl Johnson - I hear the love chimes
Pharoahe Monch - Broken Heart
Delinquent Habits - Lower East Side
Al Green - Light my fire
Fonky Family - Dans La Légende (Live Paris)
Les Freres Misere (Mano Solo) - Deux mains pour demain
Junkyard Productions - Sister let him go
Funkadelic - Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic
People Under The Stairs - Yield
Mungo's Hifi - Mr Scruff
Binary Star - Evolution of man
Curtis Mayfield - Now you're gone
Mc Lyte - I Am The Lyte
Diamond D and The Psychotic Neurotics - Check One Two
Melvin Van Peebles - Come On Write Me
Ekoue feat Casey & Polo - 3'30 pour un freestyle
Pop Da Brown Hornet - No More Mr Nice Guy
DJ Shadow - Funk Spectrum -4th Coming
The Afrosound - Dog, Cat
The San Francisco TKO's - Herm
DJ Shadow - The 6 Day War
Nina Simone - Do i Move You
Artifacts - What Goes On ? (Prod Buckwild)
Isaac Hayes - Ain't no sushine [Live at Sahara Tahoe]
Nappy Brown - My Baby
Edo.G - Rise and Shine
Mc Lyte - Please Understand
Kreators - Foreign Lands
Edo G & Da Bulldogs - She Said It Was Great
Binary Star - Honest Expression
Gil Scott Heron - Lady Day & John Coltrane
Kreators - Care For You
Brand Nubian - Where is Pubba
Jamalski - African Border (prod. Skeff Anselm)
NTM - C'est Clair (Wu Tang sample)
Larry Youngs Fuel - Turn Out The Lights
Dennis Coffey & The Lyman Woodard Trio - It's Your Thing
Ekoué & Casey feat Polo - 3.30 pour un freestyle
Insight - Good Morning Ft. Electric Company
Song of the Policeman - Which Side Are You On - Ken Loach
Black Children - Sledger Afro Funk
Jamalski - It's Alright (feat. Xotik - prod. Paul Nice)
King Salomon - The Moon Walk
Oxmo Puccino ft Dany Dan & DJ Nels [ Puccino Tape - Bomb Tape Vol-8] - A ton Enterrement
Shurik'n - Mémoire
Binary star - I know why the caged bird sings
Heavy D & The Boyz - Love Sexy
Chinese man - Chinese man
Black Haze Express - Won't nobody listen

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