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[Rom/Han/Eng] Davichi - This Love (Descendant of the Sun Ost) Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] SM Artists - Dear my family (I AM ost) Lyrics
Snsd - Reflection [Color Coded Lyrics]
Exo Chen - To Heaven [Color Coded Lyrics]
[Han/Rom/Eng] Snsd - Etude Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] JeTiHyun (Snsd) - It's Fantastic (Mabinogi) Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Wonder Girls - Like This Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Snsd - Blue Jeans Lyrics
[Han/Rom/Eng] Snsd - Baby Maybe Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Snsd - Merry go round Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Snsd -  Visual Dream Lyrics
IU ft  High4 - Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms [Color Coded Lyrics]
[Rom/Han/Eng] IU - The Shower Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Snsd - Fun (Sweet Talking Baby) Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Mamamoo ft. Esna - Ahh Oop Lyrics
[Rom/Jap/Eng] Snsd - T.O.P Lyrics
[Jap/Rom/Eng] Snsd - Not Alone Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Crayon Pop - Bing Bing Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Snsd - HaHaHa Song Lyrics
Snsd - Born to be a lady MV Lyrics
Standing Egg - Sunlight Hurts [Color Coded Lyrics]
[Jap/Rom/Eng] SNSD - Flower Power Lyrics
[Han/Rom/Eng] Snsd - Forever Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Suny (Wonder girls) - Maybe (Dream High Ost) Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Shinee - Sherlock Lyrics
IU - Graduation Day MV Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Snsd - Lingua Franca Lyrics
[Han/Rom/Eng] Mamamoo - Love Lane (Marriage, Not Dating Ost) Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Secret - Love is Move Lyrics
Standing Egg - Do You Know That? [Color Coded Lyrics]
[Jap/Rom/Eng] SNSD - Karma Butterfly Lyrics
How would Exo sing 'For you' by Lovelyz?
Kim Hyunjoong (SS501) and Seohyun (Snsd) - The Magic of Yellow Ribbon [Color Coded Lyrics]
[Rom/Han/Eng] Exo Baekhyun - Old Song Lyrics Cover Version
[Rom/Han/Eng] Juniel - Illa Illa Lyrics
Brave Girls - Easily [Color Coded Lyrics]
How would NCT 127 sings 'Adrenaline' by TaeTiSeo (Snsd)?
[Han/Rom/Eng] ZE:A - Daily Daily Lyrics
Exo Chanyeol - Lonely Night
[Han/Rom/Eng] Davichi - It's Alright, This Is Love (It's Okay,It's Love OST) Lyrics
Snsd - La La La Song [Color Coded Lyrics]
How would Exo sings 'Ah-Choo' by Lovelyz?
[Rom/Han/Eng] Snsd - Check Lyrics
How would Crayon Pop sing 'Sherlock' by Shinee?
[Rom/Han/Eng] IU - Every Sweet Day Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Amber (Fx) - Beautiful Lyrics
[Han/Rom/Eng] SNSD - Kissing You Lyrics
[Rom/Han/Eng] Snsd - Echo Lyrics
[Han/Rom/Eng] Mamamoo - Self Camera Lyrics
[Han/Rom/Eng] Song Ji Eun and Sunghoon - Same Lyrics (My Secret Romance OST)

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