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Retin-A for Anti-Aging | How to Use it Properly & Minimize Side Effects
The BEST Makeup Primer! No Pores!
Makeup Mistakes That Age Us!  And How to Fix Them
RETIN-A for ANTI-AGING | What It Really Does and How to Apply
BEST and WORST Concealers for More Mature Under Eyes!!
How to Layer Skincare...the Right Way!!
Anti-Aging and Crepey Skin?!!  What Can We Do?!!
Is Retin-a/Retinol Safe to Use in the Summer?!
Over 35?!!  STOP Doing Your Concealer Like a Youtuber! Concealer Tips
Artis Oval 7 & Artis Oval 4 Brush Review | A Must or A Bust??!!
My Everyday 5 Minute Makeup Routine | Everyday Must-Haves
La Mer "The Powder" DUPE | Healthy Skin Alternative Too! $95/$22
Shaving My Face!  Demo + Everything You Need to Know!
Hyaluronic Acid | What It Does and the Anti-Aging Skincare Benefits
Medical Skincare vs. Over the Counter Skincare | Whats the Difference?!!
Salicylic Acid vs Benzoyl Peroxide | Clear Pores, Treat Acne...What Do You Need?
Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes Mascara | Showdown Against Chanel
3 Collagen Building Ingredients You Need in Your Skincare Routine
Best Under Eye Concealers for Mature Skin | Top 5
How to Shrink Your Pores! The Truth and What You Need to Do
Get Glowing Summer Ready Skin in 3 Quick Steps!
Sephora VIB Sale Haul 2015 + Product Reviews
New PR Makeup Haul | What's in My Mailbox?!
3 Beauty Secrets Every Girl Should Know....and Do!
Micro-Needle Dermal-Roller Therapy for Your Skin- Love This!
My 5 Minute, Every Day, REAL LIFE, Mom-On-The-Go Makeup Routine
Quick & Easy Full Makeup Tutorial | My Go To Look Lately
NEW! SkinMedica HA5 | Plump & Hydrate Your Skin Like Nothing Before!
Anti-Aging Beauty Tip You're Probably Not Doing!
Anti-Aging with Proper Exfoliation | How to Get Glowing & Healthy Skin!
Laura Mercier CandleGlow Soft Luminous Foundation Review + Demo
How to Get MASSIVE Lashes!  No False Eyelashes Needed | My Mascara Routine
Why You Need Growth Factors in Your Anti-Aging Skincare
I Found It!!  The Perfect Self Tanning Serum for Your Face!!
How To Cover Redness/Get Flawless Skin Without Heavy Makeup!
Broken Capillaries & Skin Redness? A Skincare Product that Works!
Whats New in Skincare?! Skinmedica Lytera 2.0
Anti-Aging Skincare NIGHT Routine | Retin-a, Glycolics, Antioxidants!
Obagi Nuderm VS. Obagi Nuderm FX Hydroquinone Free | Fade Sun Damage, Wrinkles, & Hyperpigmentation
Final Results! Concealer Testing on Mature Skin & Dark Circles | 7 Concealers Tested
TEST IT!  New Drugstore Makeup | We Got Some Winners and Definite Losers!
My Morning Anti-Aging Skincare Routine | Anti-Aging Tips that Work!
New Drugstore Makeup Haul + Mini Reviews!
Allure Breakthrough Skincare Product of 2017....and Why It's So Amazing!!
Favorite Luminous Foundations for Normal to Dry Skin
What's New in Skincare?! Skinceuticals H.A. Intensifier

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