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CBS Entertainment Productions/Televentures/CBS Enterprises (1980/1987/1995)
Mark Massari Productions/Leap Off Productions/Genesis Entertainment (1995)
Powerhouse Animation/Shankar Animation/Project 51 Productions/Frederator Studios/Netflix (2017)
Paramount Pictures/CBS Television Network (1959)
Kanaco Prods. (x2)/MTM Ent./The Family Channel/Int Family Ent/Columbia Pictures Television (1996)
Burmandubcovsky Cine/Cine Argentino/Argentina/INCAA/Programa Ibermedia (2010)
Channel Trail (er) or a Montage or a Cheese Grader or Gotta Go Fast
Sister Lee Productions/Warner Bros. Television (1994)
Matador Content/Eight Million Plus/Sunday Night/Four Eyes/Casey Patterson Ent/Nickelodeon (2017)
CPTV/American Public Television/World Channel (2017)
Ignition Entertainment/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment/Warthog Games (2005)
Accent Ent. Corporation/King Phoenix Ent/King Features Entertainment/Filmrise (1990/Some Year)
Amazon Studios (Theatrical Logo) (2016-Present)
Hanna Barbera Productions/King Features Entertainment/FilmRise (1987/Some Year)
Electric Shepherd/Rooney McP/Anonymous/Tall Ship/Moonshot/Channel 4/Amazon Studios/Sony TV (2017)
Storrs Media/Telco Productions (2015)
Ripe Productions/Nick at Nite/Nickelodeon Studios (1992)
Universal Interactive Studios (x2)/Konami/Traveller's Tales (2001)
Computer Animation Technology/Cinematek Productions/Fox Television Studios (1999)
Wheel of Fortune Online/Kingworld/Columbia Tristar Television (2001)
HBO Video (2003-2010) (HD)
Swearnet Pictures/Netflix (2015)
Gaumont (2005)
Filmation/MGM Television/Turner (1980/1987)
Universal Cartoon Studios (1991-2006) 4:3 (HD)
Lynda Obst Productions/Annabelita Films/Farm Kid/Tristar Television/Amazon Studios (2015)
Velvet Productions/Centerpoint/Filmrise (1983/Some Year)
Nelvana (1997, theatrical version)
Muse Ent. Enterprises/CTV/Hallmark Entertainment/NBC Universal Television Distribution (2000-2004)
Alphanim/Nelvana/StudioCanal (2006)
Netflix/Dreamworks Animation Television (2017)
MiddKid Productions/Sony Pictures Television/Fox Television Studios/FX (2006)
THQ/Syfy Games/Blue Tongue Entertainment (2011)
Snowpants Productions/Big Girl Pictures/Act III Productions/Sony Pictures Television/Netflix (2017)
Stu Segall Productions/Cannell Entertainment/20th Century Fox Television (1998)
Vivendi Universal Games/Sofdec/Intrinsic Alchemy/Universal Interactive/Vicarious Visions (2003)
3 Arts Entertainment/RCG/FXP/FX (2017)
Roddenberry Entertainment/Atmosphere Pictures/New Animal Productions/Filmbuff/Science Channel (2011)
Sony Computer Entertainment America/Universal Interactive Studios/Naughty Dog (1998)
Georgia Entertainment Industries/79th & York Entertainment/Orion Television (2017)
Microsoft/YTV/Bardel Entertainment/4Kids TV (2006)
Stone Stanley Productions/Nickelodeon/Nickelodeon Studios (1995)
Paramedia/Harvey Levin Productions/Telepictures/Warner Bros. Television (2007)
Maverick/Fox Television Studios/FX Productions/FX (2007)
Netflix/Pee-Wee Pictures (2016)
Paramount Television (x2)/B&B Productions (1973) #2
Kenwood Productions/Fries Distribution Company (1989)
Big Bang Digital/Bigfoot/RC2/CCI Ent/Endgame/Brandissimo Inc/CCI Releasing/Rising Star (2006)
Flat Earth Pictures/Renaissance Pictures/Studios USA/Universal Worldwide Television (1998) #1

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