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Existentialism in 3 Minutes
Stoicism in 6 Minutes
How the Stock Market Works in 5 Minutes
Zen Buddhism in 3 Minutes
Introverts vs Extroverts in 5 Minutes
The Circadian Rhythm and Your Biological Clock in 3 Minutes
The Federal Fund Rate in 4 Minutes
The Problem with Feminism in the 21st Century in 7 Minutes
The Cost of College in 4 Minutes
How the Electoral College Works in 6 Minutes
Utilitarianism in 4 Minutes
Your Internal Monologue: Why People Talk to Themselves in 3 Minutes
How Corporations Became so Powerful in 6 Minutes
Perfectionism in 3 Minutes
The Texas Revolution in 3 Minutes
How to Start a Business for Under $100 in 5 Minutes
Religion vs  Philosophy in 3 Minutes
Libertarianism in 6 Minutes
Noam Chomsky on Manufacturing Consent
Globalization: Why Everything is Made in China in 5 Minutes
The Tao of Pooh
Generations: The History of America's Future
The Philippine American War in 4 Minutes
Why Marijuana is Illegal in 5 Minutes
How to Get Rich or Die Trying: The 3 Most Important Principles in Becoming Filthy Rich
How WiFi Works in 4 Minutes
Why America is Only a Two Party System in 4 Minutes
The Battle of Gettysburg in 3 Minutes
One Minute Buddhism
Charisma in 3 Minutes
Is Gender a Social Construct? in 7 Minutes
The Persian Wars in 5 Minutes
One Minute Bushido
Big Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You to Watch This Video and Neither Does Your Grandma
Why 2 Million People in the U.S. are Homeless in 377 Seconds
Trees in 4 Minutes
The History of Tattoos in 3 Minutes
How the News Manipulates You, Me and Itself in 9 Minutes
As a Man Thinketh: The Power of Positive Thinking in 3 Minutes
Bitcoin in 273 Seconds
Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die
Are You a Racist or a Perceptionist?
The Achievements of Harriet Tubman in 3 Minutes
Why We Believe What We Believe in 4 Minutes
One Minute Hinduism
Confirmation Bias in 5 Minutes
How it Feels to Be Rich in 4 Minutes
Guns, Germs and Steel: Why Europeans Came to Dominate the World in 7 Minutes
Why Countries Exist: The Rise of the Nation State in 6 Minutes
Why Bad Food Taste so Good in 4 Minutes

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