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Debunking "increasing light" in less than 8 minutes! - Cedars' vlog no. 2
Pillowgate Trailer - Creepy Jehovah's Witness anti-masturbation videos
Worst Convention Ever 9/9 - Freedom Is My Paradise (ex-Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate their freedom!)
The 1989 Goof-Up
Watchtower tries to cover up leaked annual meeting letter - Cedars' vlog no. 93
"Don't speak against God's anointed!" - reasoning with Jehovah's Witnesses - Cedars' vlog no. 4
Why the ban on beards? - Cedars' vlog no. 39
An Unexpectedly Difficult Decision
My Reaction to the 2017 Yearbook - Cedars' vlog no. 140
If shunning is scriptural, why be ashamed of it? - Cedars' vlog no. 33
"Why don't you move on?" - Cedars' vlog no. 19
An email from dad, and my apostasy trial - Cedars' vlog no. 11
My MTS Memories - Cedars' vlog no. 17
Weird Sexist Watchtower Quote on Singing
Rare 1968 radio interview - Armageddon and 1975 - London Watchtower spokesperson speaks to BBC
Are the Governing Body con artists? - Cedars' clog no. 51
Fade, Interrupted: When the Elders Come Calling - Episode 1 (with Jill Long and Vincent Deporter)
Leaked Correspondence Guidelines document - Cedars' vlog no. 95
A conversation with Phil Dunne (survivor of refusing a blood transfusion)
Our Spiritual Heritage #3 - 1934 Yearbook (feat. antisemitism and praise of Hitler's government)
607 BCE and 1914: Why these dates matter to Jehovah's Witnesses
Alternative Kingdom Melodies - Song 1 - "Good Things, Bad Things"
Bethel lay-offs confirmed - Watchtower IS in crisis! - Cedars' vlog no. 92
Rutherford: Was he a womanizer? - Cedars' vlog no. 114
Warwick mini-documentary teaser
Circuit Overseer Leaks (including secret guidelines document!) - Cedars' vlog no. 112
"You should not fear him" - my reasons for leaving Watchtower - Cedars' vlog no. 1
Watchtower tries to plug the leak! - Cedars' vlog no. 16
Has there always been a Governing Body? (a Watchtower film provides the answer!) Cedars' vlog no. 6
Our Spiritual Heritage #2 - January 8, 1947 Awake Magazine (on "excommunication")
Meet the family! - Cedars' vlog no. 18
Beth-Sarim drive-by! - Telling the story of Rutherford's mansion in a nutshell - Cedars vlog no. 14
Taking On Tony III: "Don't Say We're Dogmatic!"
A conversation with Mike Rinder (ex-Scientologist)
Prank call with Tony Morris (member of the Governing Body) - Cedars' vlog no. 69
Jehovah's Witnesses: Why you SHOULD give up
Jehovah's Witness Anti-Gay Worksheet - Cedars' vlog no. 135
A conversation with Howie Rutledge Tran (former bethelite, elder & Governing Body carer)
Our Spiritual Heritage #1 - You May Survive Armageddon Into God's New World (1955 book)
We Love You Jessica Liberty - A Message To My Newborn Daughter
Our Spiritual Heritage #4 - 1943 and 1978 Yearbooks comparison
How were YOU rated? (The application form for metropolitan witnessing) - Cedars' vlog no. 29
The Governing Body: Neither Inspired Nor Infallible? - Cedars' vlog no. 147
Our European road trip to collect the book! - Cedars' vlog no. 141
Building your own family (how to cope with shunning) - Cedars' vlog no. 45
We Are The Slave (a musical summary of the 2012 "new light")
Worst Convention Ever 8/9 - Paradise Finale (Remain Loyal to Jehovah 2016 convention)
The Irish Cover-Up - Episode 5 - Watchtower: In Focus
Announcing JWpodcast.org!! - Cedars' vlog no. 49
A conversation with Debbie McDaniel (ex-JW, child sex abuse survivor, LGBTQ advocate) - AUDIO ONLY

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