Gritty the Mascot Wipes Out, Fires T-Shirt Into Back of Fleeing Staff

The Philadelphia Flyers revealed a new mascot today and it’s been nothing short of spectacular in the first few hours of existence. The orange-maned beard enthusiast has immediately staked it’s claim to the top of the costumed class.
Gritty is just the best.
Like any newborn creature, Gritty is learning to be mobile. As such, there’s no surprise that it completely wiped out while performing mid-ice.

Gritty down
— Sports Illustrated (@SInow) September 25, 2018

Gritty is also letting it be known that it holds no allegiance sacred. Mascots, for all their adorable and fuzziness, have no moral compass. And Gritty isn’t even putting up that veneer.
Here’s a cold and calculated bit of friendly fire via the T-shirt cannon.

Gritty just shot a dude in the back
— Amanda Hugnkiss 
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