Lady Gaga NOT Wearing ‘$1M Engagement Ring,’ Despite Report

(Getty Images)
Lady Gaga did not wear a $1 million engagement ring to the London premiere of A Star Is Born , despite an inaccurate report. The singer certainly rocked a flashy piece of jewelry at the event, but she and boyfriend Christian Carino aren’t engaged. Gossip Cop can clear up the situation.
Gaga wore a pink diamond ring to a screening of her new film on Thursday night, which inspired the New York Post to write the headline, “Lady Gaga’s rumored engagement ring could be worth over $1M.” The operative word here being “rumored.” The outlet then quotes an executive at a jewelry company as saying that the diamond worn by the singer could cost over $1 million. It’s possible that’s true, but that doesn’t make it an “engagement ring.”

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Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Gaga, who expressed major doubt about the newspaper’s story. The singer’s spokesperson, who’s qualified to speak on her behalf, wasn’t aware of her being engaged. In fact, when Us Weekly reported back in November that Gaga and Carino had gotten engaged , her rep told us on the record that the claim was “untrue.” There’s no indication that anything has changed.
A few days after the false engagement rumors emerged last November, the Daily Mail wrote an article wondering why Gaga wasn’t wearing an engagement ring while spotted out in Montreal. The reason was very simple: she wasn’t engaged and still isn’t. Less than a week later, ABC reporter Kara Kenney wrote on Twitter , “I just met Lady Gaga!! She told me she’s not engaged, but happy.”
Following the journalist’s tweet, Us Weekly showed some doubt in its original reporting. The magazine wrote a follow up article about Gaga wearing a diamond ring on a beach in Miami , but left the term “engagement ring” out of its headline. The accompanying story stated, “Lady Gaga showed off what looked like a giant engagement ring during a bikini photo shoot.” Basically, the same outlet that insisted the singer had gotten engaged one month prior later said she wore “what looked like” an engagement ring.
It’s worth noting, the Huffington Post also wrote about Gaga’s appearance at the London premiere of A Star Is Born on Thursday, but made no mention of her wearing an “engagement ring.” The publication simply referred to her jewelry as a “massive diamond ring,” but spent much more time describing the Alexander McQueen dress she was wearing. Gossip Cop will update if anything should change regarding Gaga’s relationship status, but the singer isn’t currently engaged.