Troy Aikman Has Mike McCarthy's Back

Troy Aikman offered a strong defense of Mike McCarthy’s time with the Packers while broadcasting yesterday’s Patriots-Vikings game.
“John DeFilippo. I think he’s done a really nice job,” Aikman said about the Minnesota offensive coordinator. “Visiting with him, his philosophy, the things he’s been able to do as a bright young mind. If you have a young quarterback, or maybe even a veteran quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, who knows? But if you’re looking to simulate what they’ve done in Los Angeles, I think John DeFilippo is worth taking a look at.”
WEEI was among the outlets to notice and turn the comments into content . Host Gerry Callahan did his duty in sharing the post to social media, along the way calling Aikman a “cliche machine” and asking the rhetorical question: how long did McCarthy deserve to stay?
The No. 1 NFL on Fox analyst had an answer.
WEEI has turned the clapback into more “Twitter Beef” copy . And so have we. The machine is undefeated and it rolls on.
Credit Aikman for getting in the mix and chopping it up on the computer. It’s a relatively new look for him. Next thing you know he’ll be listening to podcasts .