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Here's How To Contact FaceBook? (Can't Log In)

2016-01-12 73 27 27,503 YouTube

An Example: If you try log in and it takes awhile or ages... it could be that facebook might be under maintenance (check with your friends etc) but it's likely, that your account has been suspended :( A message will pop up after awhile... if this is the case or if you have any other problem with facebook) Click on, ''Go Back'' or click on the ''Help'' option below the web page, then navigate and click on, ''Report Something'' then click on ''Give us feedback'' then click on, ''Feedback about a feature (ex: News Feed, Pages, groups)'' At this point, you have several options. If you can't log in, I suggest click on ''other'' in the options in the drop down menu. If you have another problem, click the option that suits you. In the box below the drop down menu, explain your problem. You can report any issue through this method. When you're done, click on ''Send'' Someone will be in contact within 24 hours. You might want to have your IDs ready


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