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ALERT! Facebook DEMANDS Photo ID to gain access -- Locked me out until I provide it!

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Update 330pm CDT April 14, 2015 -- After being locked out for almost a full 24 hours, after providing my photo ID yesterday afternoon.... today this afternoon access has been granted back to my accounts. ______ Facebook randomly demands photo ID / driver license / passport to gain access to my accounts which have been in good standing for the last 4 years!!!! Just wait until it is YOU (the viewer / reader), wait until YOUR accounts which you've used for years are LOCKED until you provide your I.D. to some unknown person for some unknown reason. Locked out until I send my ID... I sent my ID.. and here I am [ update now 630am CDT April 14th .. STILL LOCKED OUT ] with no reply from Facebook after sending them my personal information. Data mining? Identity theft? What is going on here? How many other people do you know who this has happened to MULTIPLE times? I am the only person I know. Tatoott has never been asked, nor has any other video maker I know of, or facebook personality that I know of. JUST ME no one else I can think of... and trust me on this, I know hundreds of video makers, and thousands of facebook users. This makes twice in 2 years. Something is NOT right here. ______ Here is a full website post covering this latest madness. Complete with screenshots of Facebooks request for me to send them a PHOTO ID to regain access -- all on their whim -- not for any security violation or multiple login attempt ! _______ Does any of this sound familiar? If you answered yes, you're right! This happened to me in 2013 -- when Google shut down my channel and I lost all my videos -- they demanded for me to send photo ID to prove I was "dutchsinse" ...... when that happened 2 years ago my story made NASDAQ! _______ Today, April 13, 2015 - After over 4 years of managing my private and public facebook pages with hardly any problems ......everything was working fine until about 4pm CDT -- I made a post as normal, went over to youtube for about 10 minutes, came back to facebook... and could NOT do anything. Then I received a strange message from Facebook in place of my main wall... telling me they think that I am NOT who I say I am, and need me to provide Photo ID to gain access to any of my pages!????? I provided photo ID this afternoon as requested about 5-6pm CDT. As of 230am April 14th .. STILL CANNOT login.. still "under review". How long does it take to look at a photo ? How could they even know if the photo of my ID was was a fake ID or real one???? This is crazy, they flagged me down within minutes for NO reason. No one tried to hack my account, no multiple login attempts, and they never even contacted me on my email which is registered with them. They have my phone number, they have my credit card information for billing. Keep in mind, I've paid facebook to advertise my dutchsinse facebook pages, no joke when I say they have my credit card information , and have billed me multiple times over the years. I've got a personal page, and 2 business / fan pages (group pages). All are locked out. Even my personal page with family and friends has been blocked! All my emergency notices from the USGS , NWS are not coming in, nor are any message or comments from viewers!!


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