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Edward L. Ford Strives to Advance the Field of Employee Recognition

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Edward L. Ford, a 30-year veteran in the workplace motivation, incentive and recognition industry, strives to ensure that businesses thrive and function seamlessly by promoting a symbiotic relationship between employees and executive management that nurtures a sustainable work environment. Through his Salt Lake-based company Ed Ford and Associates, he develops workable models for employee recognition that achieve measured results, and challenge traditional methods that have become outdated in the industry. His philosophy is predicated on a mathematically derived formula for an employee's lifetime value and includes methods, processes, incentives and rewards that are proved to be effective at producing a more desirable outcome than any other standard technique when applied to an individual condition or circumstance. Mr. Ford has presented countless workshops and seminars on the topic of employee engagement with the goal of raising profit margins and customer satisfaction, and is the author of an excess of 30 published works including "Guidelines for a Total Recognition Strategy," "The Official Recognition Workbook" and numerous articles for Human Resource Executive and Human Capital (now Workplace HR & Safety). Looking ahead, Mr. Ford plans to grow his practice and bring on new clients that are receptive to best practices in employee recognition. As he explained, "I want to make a difference in the recognition industry — make it possible for employers to treat employees with respect and dignity and, in doing so, increase their profits."


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