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Alex Xander Organizes #DildoWars in NYC to Raise HIV/STD Awareness

2015-08-10 289 Dailymotion

It's a timeless scene from countless movies set in a time period when people still pooped in buckets and sorcerer was considered a viable career option: Two armies stand opposite each other, ready to face off in a ferocious battle.

In the vast majority of cases, the combatants are armed with sharp objects likes swords, spears and spiked balls on sticks. I've yet to see a film featuring warriors armed with dildos.

Thankfully, the world no longer has to live without one.

Elite Daily was able to get an exclusive look at the Dildo Wars that occurred in Union Square over the weekend after the festivities were originally canceled when the powers that be decided they weren't too thrilled with the prospect of 5,000 people waving around rubber penises.

Thankfully, the battle -- which was held to raise awareness for HIV and other STDs -- was soon rescheduled, and we were able to capture it in a video that's probably only safe for work if you're employed by the company that made the weapons used.

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Producer: Max Grunner
Director of Photography: Kevin Losani
Camera Operators: Sean H. Horan, John Stish
Associate Producer: Shawn Hazelett
Editors: Kevin Losani, John Stish
Graphics & Animation: Oliver Dudman
Senior Producer: Kevin Losani

Music Courtesy of Extreme Music

“Drums N’ Roses”
Written by Stix Randolph & Bart K. Hendrickson

“Heart of Courage”
Written by Thomas Bergensen & Nick Phoenix

“Practice Practice”
Written by Adam Michael Schiff, Bruce Fingers & Billie Ray Fingers

“The Big Guns”
Written by Damon Baxter & Alex Shellard

“Thump Card”
Written by Audio Android

“Cat Like That”
Written by Walter Rauxel

“Tighten Up”
Written by Santam Ramgotra

“The Lion’s Den”
Written by Geoff Zanelli

“Beautiful Nightmare”
Written by Ryeland Gray Allison

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