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The Softonic Minute: Windows 8.1, Facebook, Minecraft and Google Street View

2014-04-25 0 Dailymotion

Windows update expected in August. The next major update to Windows 8.1 will be in August, and will include the lost but not forgotten start menu. As some have already predicted, the update will be a compromise between the drop down menu, which was around until Windows 7, and the new Modern interface. It’s a mid-point for those who want both the new Windows, and the classic. Facebook launches Nearby Friends. Facebook has launched Nearby Friends, a new feature for its mobile app that lets you find friends who are close by. As always, you can choose whether or not you want to activate it, as well as which friends can see you, and which friends you want to see. Both friends must agree to share their location. Minecraft update includes World Customization. The latest video showing the next planned update to Minecraft 1.8 introduces the terrain generator, known as World Customization. When the Minecraft 1.8 update is released, you’ll be able to create things like water worlds or worlds full of dungeons in the blink of an eye. Street View time travel. Google Maps has added an option that lets you see the evolution of a location. You can now see all images taken from 2007 to today. You can see buildings being constructed, or landscapes that were devastated by natural disasters. You can even see how plants on your balcony have grown. The new feature currently only works with Chrome.


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