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WeTravel - Article "Exactly how It Operates"

2016-05-30 18 Dailymotion

Organizing Team Visits? Your life just bought a lot easier!

No extra limitless e mail chains, handbook spread sheets & chasing folks down for profit. View our video to find out additional on how to use WeTravel to plan, manage & share your group trip. WeTravel is very zero cost.

Let’s learn how WeTravel will be helpful for your next trip and get in contact with our travel professionals:

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Group visits are fun, but arranging them is hard. You are able to waste days on ineffective promotion, get lost in endless e mail chains and constantly chase participants for cash.

What is the better way? WeTravel makes managing and advertising trips painless and simple.

First, produce a beautiful site for your trip in minutes because a great presentation is a must to attract participants. Indicate a destination, set a cost, deposit along with add-ons. Select what information you need from the participants, for example phone numbers or meal preferences.

Advertise your trip via e-mail, social media or another channel. Participants subscribe to WeTravel and pay securely using their checking account or credit card.

But the real living saver is our dashboard. It can make planning a lot less complicated. No more handbook distribute sheets or e mail chains. Utilize it to easily see that has registered, issue refunds, manage cancellations and hang custom prices. You may even download everything to Excel.

As soon as you need your travelers to pay up, don’t chase people down for cash. With only one click, send an e-mail to every one who still owes serious cash.

So when you're ready, transfer the funds to your own account or to a tour operator, in the usa or overseas.

We assist with marketing too. Instantly print a flyer to hand out, and embed the trip inside your website by copying a couple of lines of code.

That may gain additional travelers by promoting your journey to the hundreds of people that visit WeTravel every day.

All of this is completely free. Make your trip now or call us for a demo.


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