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Comprising a versatile set of imaging capabilities along with support for a connected workflow, the EOS Rebel T6 from Canon is a compact, sleek DSLR featuring an 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and a DIGIC 4+ image processor. Combined, these two technologies avail rich image quality with reduced noise,...

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I love this camera. I've been a longtime fan of canon rebel SLR. I was worried the digital model wouldn't live up to its predecessor. My worries were unfounded. Everything about this camera is wonderful. Easy to figure out (even for an old lady like me). I recommend spending several days with the camera just trying out all the features and functions before using it for an important event, because there are so many enhancements and possibilities. You COULD just put it on auto and get fantastic pictures, but then what would be the point of buying a camera with so many great features? The lenses included in this bundle are all great. The 500mm, I didn't think I'd use, but it's been so fun taking pics of the moon. It takes time to get used to the light balance if you are used to film cameras, so practice with it if that's how you started. If you started on digital cameras, you won't have any problems. The camera bag is too small to hold everything that comes with it, so if you want to take everything with you, get a bigger bag. The bag isn't waterproof, either. Just water resistant. So a good, large, waterproof camera bag is a good additional purchase. You can't go wrong with this bundle. I was so nervous buying something this expensive online, but I'm so happy I bought it.Included a few photos I've taken with it since buying it in June. The moon is with 500mm lens, manual setting w/250 shutter speed (on tripod using the included shutter cord/button). The other pics are in Colorado.
I absolutely love this camera! I was extremely nervous to order something so expensive when it had only a few reviews. It comes with 3 lenses two of which are canon brand lenses and one that isn't but still is very nice. Plus it came with all kinds of fun other things like a mini tripod and an different filter lenses. Great purchase glad I took a chance on this product!
This is an amazing deal. I've been shopping around for this type of camera and lenses for quite some time so I knew what I wanted and the average price. Let me say, it was way more than this. AND here I got lots of accessories that I wouldn't have gotten at a store. I am not a professional photographer, just an amateur that wants to mess with it and learn. I've used a camera like this with my work so I am familiar with it and this one met all my expectations. I have not tried the very large lens yet but the two Cannon lenses work great. I also have not tried the flash that came with it yet. I'm delighted to have a mono-pole but will use a regular tripod, which I already have, when using the longest lens. I do have to say the bag that came with this stuff is a bit cheap feeling. I quickly ditched that and got a backpack to transport everything.

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