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The Olympus Tough TG-5 is built for adventure and packed with professional features that help you nail bright, crisp outdoor shots even in challenging conditions. You’ll find imaging firepower that’s optimized for shooting action like a fast F2.0 Olympus lens, high-resolution RAW stills, and...

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Highly recommend this camera for underwater snorkeling photos. Have tried many throughout the years, none as easy to use, reliable, holds a charge, and takes beautiful pics. Love not replacing batteries, just plug in at end of day. Super easy to change settings under water. For a point and shoot this is a great underwater camera. I don't usually write reviews but was so happy with this I felt I needed to.
It's obvious that Olympus designed this series of camera to provide major benefits over cell phone cameras. (tough, underwater and super macro). I bought this camera for the sole purpose of documenting flaws in tiny precision parts. The microscope mode is simply amazing combined with the LG-1 light guide. Here's a summary of my likes and dislikes. Even though I have some issues with the camera it still deserves 5 stars.+: Microscope mode is simply amazing. You can focus as close as 1cm and zoom 4X optically. The built in focus stacking will process several images to maximize sharpness. With the LG-1 light guide you get perfect lighting up close. If this isn't enough you can choose digital zoom to magnify zoom by factors of 1X, 2X or 4X. (obviously image quality degrades at these high settings)+: The camera feels very well built.+: 4K video, GPS and waterproof are all nice features to have but I haven't used them yet.+: Std. micro USB data/charging cable vs proprietary cable-: The biggest disappointment is WiFi. The primitive WiFi only works with cell phones. You cannot use WiFi over a network/PC. I don't know of any photographers that post process and archive their images on a cell phone. My older Panasonics have much better built in WiFi.-: The user interface is just OK. Some modes and settings are just not very obvious and somewhat cluttered. Having the full user manual is a must and I see that Olympus has finally put it on their US website. (the included Quick Start guide is worthless)-: While in microscope mode, there is no provision for user tweaks to aperture or program shift. Although focus stacking is great to have, you cannot select the size of the stack. (I think three images is all it can stack but focus bracketing gives you more options if you want to do your own stacking).P.S. The gear in the images is about .300" O.D. The first image was taken at min. focus distance of about 1 cm using 4X optical zoom and focus stacking. The second image adds 4X digital zoom for a total of 16X.
I bought this camera after reading all the reviews and viewing all the videos I could find on YouTube. I was really disappointed regarding lack of realistic underwater content in any of the reviews. I’m very particular about photo quality and therefore knew I’d need a high quality camera. That being said, I ended up purchasing the TG5 as it’s highest ranked online. I couldn’t tell from any reviews whether I could truly depend on it being waterproof while snorkeling, because all the YouTube videos “recommend” the housing that costs almost as much as the camera. I’m picky with picture quality, but I’m a beginner at snorkeling, and I don’t scuba. This camera is truly amazing. I’m beating myself up a bit for not getting to know all the settings before I left for the Caribbean and here’s why: 1. In auto mode, you can’t manually set the flash. You need to use the custom setting mode to set fill flash for inside pictures. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up with slightly blurry under exposed pictures indoors in the evening. 2. If you are swimming in clear Caribbean water that is somewhat shallow with no one around, you won’t need the specialized fish settings. However, if you are swimming in a group where water is deeper, try the fish settings. Otherwise your photos end up green.I was nervous due to reviews saying this camera got fried the first time in the water. I assure you that if you lock the access doors to the charge port & memory card/battery, this won’t happen. Everyday when you get home, follow the instructions by submersing the camera in cool water, shake the debris off, then rinse under a flow of clean water, and it works like magic. Definitely get a floating wrist band to protect your investment. By all accounts, people think this camera looks like a silly point and shoot. However I’d challenge you to take it underwater then hold it against the fabric of your clothing and take a macro. This camera is incredible. I did notice that if there is any lingering spot of saltwater on the lense, you’ll get a hazy spot on your pictures. Make sure your lense is clean. I have an Olympus PL5 and a TG5. Incredible photo quality. I will try to post a few underwater pictures from the TG5 below. The turtle is green - taken on auto with about 25 people swimming around me and he’s about 10 feet below me. The starfish is about 12” away in clear water on fish snapshot. The fish are auto setting, no one else around in salt water.

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