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Sony DSCW800/B 20.1 MP Digital Camera with 2.7-Inch LCD (black)

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Wow, of everything I have ever bought off of Amazon, this is the worst. The quality of the photos is poor, the battery door on flips open all the damn time. I wanted a little camera just to have in my laptop bag just for spur of the moment photos. This thing will end up getting handed off to a young grandchild as my phone takes better quality pics and I am not in danger of the back of my phone coming off at random times.
I got tired of taking photos with my phone , i wanted a real camera , that had a real zoom . I have a number of very expensive SLR's but they are heavy to carry around all the time . This is the perfect mix of convenient and efficient . To look at copies of your photos , all you have to do is simply take the card out of the camera and put it into your computer , and you have them ready to transfer to your hard drive . plus if you want you can use a cable like you would do with a phone . it is a cheap camera , but it takes expensive photos . it doesn't do the same as my $3000.oo NIKON's , and the reviews here seem to think it should . but to take great snap shot photos it is as good as any cell phone camera , and it very small easy to carry thus you are going to take more photos that you would not do other wise , even with a cell phone camera . For what it is designed for , it gets 5 gold stars
I wanted a small camera to take everyday pictures with that would fit in my purse. I wasn't happy with my low quality iPhone 5 pics - this is a great quality photo for the price. I'll include two pics - one taken with the camera and one taken with my iPhone. Same lighting

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