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  • Brand Name: VIZIO
  • Item Weight: 3.85 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 28 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Item model number: SB2821-D6
  • Color Name: Black
  • Specification Met: Energy Star
  • Speaker Type: Soundbar
  • Item Display Height: 15 inches


2.1 Audio Channels; Sound Pressure Level 95dB; Wireless Subwoofer; Bluetooth Streaming. Power input120V 60 Hz; System Frequency:50 Hz - 19 KHz

User reviews

Please handle this unit with care when taking it out of the box. The sub-woofer in particular, which has the speaker cone located on the bottom of the sub-woofer. If you grab it from the bottom, you could damage it very easily. When set up properly, I found this Sound Bar to have very good sound. However it did take me awhile to reach this state. Because like most men, I know everything, I skipped through the instructions, plugged in the sound bar and was extremely disappointed in the quality of the sound. Here are a few tips to make things easier. If you're doing a horizontal installation in front of the TV at ear level, the sound button the the bar should be located on top, and the small lights that show volume level, etc., should be located on the left when facing your TV. That way the speakers are facing you. Also, I had a difficult time finding the audio settings on my TV to turn off the internal speakers and use the external speakers. Naturally I thought, heck just turn down the volume on the TV speakers to zero and it should be the same thing. Wrong !! You have to find and turn on the external speakers, and turn off the internal speakers for this sound bar to work properly. The sound bar does come with a remote, which is an absolute necessity no matter which sound bar you order. Read the instruction manual carefully, as you have to use the 'previous" and "next" buttons to adjust the Sub-woofer, Bass and Treble settings. Since I know everything, I naturally assumed the volume up and down buttons would adjust these settings. Wrong !! Also, there are buttons to enable TruVolume, and TruSurround HD, but the manual doesn't clarify exactly when to use these settings or what they actually do. I suggest trying both settings and see if you notice any difference in sound quality. I've read a few complaints about the bass not being that strong, but I found it to be excellent. I wonder if these users had the sub-woofer in the correct location, and if they figured out how to raise the sub-woofer level using the remote, and if the sub-woofer stopped working and needed to be "re-linked". I had to re-link mine, and although the instructions could be better, got the sub-woofer working properly in a few minutes. With the sub-woofer is turned on, located in the right area, and adjusted with the remote, you should be very happy with the results. Why only 4 stars for this product? First, the instruction manual could have been more informative about the settings on the remote, and second the ergonomics of the remote are in my opinion very bad. The volume adjustment in particular is usually an up and down toggle on every remote I ever used, but not on this one. The technical designer genius of this remote decided to put a big square "enter/play/pause button between the up and down volume adjustment buttons. Hence adjusting the volume by feel is the worst of any remote I've ever had. That being said, once set up properly, you should be extremely happy with the sound quality of this sound bar.

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